Two thousand and fifteen

Sometimes Answers Are More Confusing Than The Questions

Hola, chicas! Currently my fingers are flying over my Macbook’s keyboard, trying to write down and record everything that went through my mind last night as I attempted to fall asleep.  My train of thought hadn’t stopped for a good number of hours before my eyelids finally drooped to a close, and I want to write it all down now so that I can figure out answers to any leftover questions I have.

As I sat in the kitchen, I sipped away at my drink: hot tea with frothed soy milk and a teaspoon of sugar.  It was a little past two in the morning and I couldn’t sleep if my life depending on it.  But it wasn’t the jet lag that was keeping me up.  It was the thoughts that were continuously crossing my mind each and every time I closed my eyes.  Even sitting here at the kitchen table, my mind wouldn’t stop racing.  It was all because of what Massie had said to me earlier after we had run into each other – literally – on the stairway.  But the thoughts that raced through my mind while I had been sleeping were much more jumbled:

So Claire’s here in London too, working for Vogue London on an internship as well…

Why come to me if Massie isn’t feeling like old herself? Why not just talk to Claire. Me and her were the most estranged out of everyone else in the ex-PC. Why me??

And why was it so important that she talk to me and tell me she missed me and needed my help? Couldn’t it have just waited until school started again?

Why isn’t anyone else involved in helping her other than me?  Being her ex-beta means nuh-thing when she never came to me about anything and only ever vented to Bean about stuff that bothered her.

Ugh! Why can’t I just got to sleep already?!

Okay so she explained why she reached out to me, but that doesn’t explain what I’m supposed to do to help.

I mean, I missed her too, but I still don’t know how we’re supposed to get past our problems.  It’s not like the PC left her. She dumped us when she decided she wanted to be different and change how everyone looked at her.

Seriously, brain. Shut Up and let me go to sleep!!

I wonder what Claire’s going to think say when she sees me here tomorrow, too.

Gawd, I think it’s been longer that I haven’t talked to Massie though than Claire.  At least Claire and I would exchange smiles and a couple “how are you’s” every couple weeks before classes ended last Spring.

Why the heck can’t I sleep??

Oh shoot, I still need to talk to Josh…whatever, I can worry about him later.

Too. Much. On. My. Plate. Right. Now.

What time is it?  Oh great, it’s already two in the morning?

Fine then, brain. Don’t let me sleep.  I’ll just get up and go get a drink instead.  I hate you.

The Gossip Gazette:

Sorry for such a short and pretty uneventful post! I’ve been extremely busy trying to pack to go back to school since I leave to go back next week! But I wanted to get something up.

Just a reminder: I heart you all!

xoxo, Leesh

I Heart This! · Two thousand and fifteen

‘I Heart This’ para Julio

Friday, July 31
London, England
Massie’s Apartment

London Trinkets♥ Things I Luh-ved Most In July:

Beach Hopping


Rumors EP – Jake Miller (seriously though, listen to it!)

French Manicures

Reconnecting w/ Old Friends

Morning ‘Tea Time’


Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara

The Limited Edition “Wild” Lokai Bracelet

Worse Things Than Love – Timeflies ft. Natalie La Rose

Teen Wolf

xoxo, Leesh

Blair Waldorf/Alicia Rivera crossover · Two thousand and fifteen

Black and White and Foreign All Over

Hola, chicas!  I’ve been admiring my new french manicure each time I lift my ceramic mug of hot Earl Grey Tea to my lips.  I’ve found myself in this cute little bakery, though the name of the street it’s on seems to escape my mind at the moment.  Oh well.  I’ve seen quite a bit of the bustling cityscape of London, England already…however I’ve still yet to see a very good reason as to why I’m needed here.  I sit here awaiting Massie to return from ordering another drink so that she can explain that herself.

european style outfitI really hope her friends are okay… I thought as I waved once again over my shoulder at Blair Waldorf, who threw a worried smile back at me before scurrying off to find herself a taxi.

Dragging my bags from the conveyor belt to the row of seats nearby, I pulled myself together and reminded myself of what I needed to do: find Massie.

I opened the email on my phone from Mrs. Block and scrolled down to find the address of my ex-alpha’s new workplace for the summer.  I kept it up as I made my way to the row of taxis, small family caravans, and black town-cars and SUVs.  I grabbed the first available one in my line of sight, threw my stuff into the back seat, and slid in after them.

“Vogue London, please, and hurry.”

XOXOAHY Pink Bow Post Divider“I’ll be right back to get my bags,” I said, slipping out of the SUV and into the tall, bricked office building only seconds later.

I must’ve looked like I was on a mission or something similar – well, I kind of was, but that’s besides the point – because people were stepping out of my way like it was their job.  The office directory sign confirmed the floor at which Mrs. Block had informed me to go; So I made my way to the third floor.  The elevator doors dinged open and, with my luck, the man at the front desk was already staring in my direction.  The words spit out of my mouth like word vomit and it was clear to anyone who was listening that I didn’t have an exact explanation as to why I was directed there.

“I heard I could find Massie Block here, she’s an intern.”

“Do you have an appointment?” he asked.

“Since when do interns have appointments?” I shot back, clear as day that my answer was a no.

“Well if you don’t have an appointment then I can’t direct you to her office.  She’s not here anyways.  Today’s her day off,” he smirked.

“Great,” I muttered.  “Thanks for nuh-thing!”  I shouted as I turned and quickly made my way back to the elevator.  Minutes later I was once again seated in the black SUV that had brought me there.  I scrolled through the email from Kendra Block a third time that hour and found the address of Massie’s new condo.  After reading the address to the driver, we were off and on our way.  Hopefully I would find her there…

british alley-way

A beautiful white stoned building was where I ended up.  I deduced that even if she were out at the moment, I could always wait in the lobby for her.  So I took my Ralph Lauren bags from the vehicle, paid the eager driver, and went on my way.  I yelled a quick ‘thank you’ to him and turn towards the door.  Taking a deep breath, I swung it open and started my next search in a building that I could only hope was the right one. 

“Excuse me, but can I help you?” an accent-clad voice rang out from my right.

I looked over and saw that it was the worker at the lobby desk.

“Yes, actually. I’m looking for someone; her name is Massie Block,” I informed her.

“And may I ask who you are?”

“I’m…a friend of hers,” I lied.  Technically I had been a friend, but this was no longer the case.  Though, she definitely did nawt need to know that part of the story.

“Up the stairs and to the right,” she informed me.

I nodded my head and made my way through the lobby.  Just as I was about to carry everything up the stairs, I felt myself hit the floor.

“Ay Dios Mio!! Watch where you’re going!” I yelled at the brunette who I saw on the ground next to me.

“Me?! What about you?” she yelled back, gathering her belongings and shoving them back into her purse.

Wait a second – that voice, could it be…

“Massie??” I squeaked.

Her eyes went wide when she took a double take and finally recognized me.

“Alicia?! What are you doing here?” she asked.

I had a lot of explaining to do.  But then again, so did she.

The Gossip Gazette:

 You’ve seen the end of Alicia and Blair’s trip together, but now you’re in for a whole new adventure.

  I have a new passport stamp on my page, Pasaporte y Viajes. Check it out!

Don’t forget to look at my Pretty Committee’s blahgs, also! You can find them here and here.

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Blair Waldorf/Alicia Rivera crossover · Two thousand and fifteen

One Adventure’s End is Another’s Beginning

Hola, chicas!  I’m super stressed out right now, doing a few last minute things. So I’m not going to waste neither my nor your time by typing out what I’m doing at this very moment.  Once you finish reading this post, however, you’ll have a pretty good idea.  Disfrutar! Enjoy!

I took another delicious bite of the appetizer and washed it down with a sip of my iced coffee just as a ringtone began to quietly play.  I didn’t recognize the ringtone as my own, but I checked my phone just in case.  Nope, not mine.  But apparently it was Blair’s.  She picked it up and half-rolled her eyes, but I could tell that she was simultaneously irritated and worried.

“I’m so sorry, but this is like the thirty-eighth time this person has called, and it seems important.  Can I take this?” she asked, obviously not wanting to be rude.

“Of course, chica,” I replied, “take your time.”

She grabbed her phone to answer and, as she stood up to leave the table, I could hear her whisper-yell ‘what’ into the phone’s microphone.

Shaking my head, I turned my attention back to my own phone as I realized that the spare moment alone gave me the perfect opportunity to check all of the missed messages, texts, emails, and tweets I had missed while Blair and I were hanging out at the pool earlier.  We were too busy challenging each others diving skills and venting – me to her – about unknown, awkward, and surprising feelings about certain guys that we hadn’t paid much attention to anything in the outside world.

4  Emails.

2  Twitter notifications.

1 Missed call and voicemail.

6 Texts/iMessages.

Ignoring the emails, I first checked the missed call; it was Miss Vanessa, my newest private ballet instructor.  I didn’t even bother listening to the voicemail she’d left – vacation is vacation, she could wait.  My index finger then slid across the screen and opened the messages app.  Two texts from my parents, one from Trevor, two from Josh, and one from…Massie??

Wait, what?!

Right away, I just had to read what it said.  This message was from a few days ago, but it looked like I hadn’t even noticed it was there.  I should really start to pay closer attention to things.

Massie: I don’t know what to say except I miss you. Can we talk, it’s kind of an emergency.

Quickly, I dialed her number….it rang but no answer.  With that, I dialed her home number.

ring ring nina speaking“Hello, Kendra Block speaking.”

“Hola, Mrs. Block.  It’s Alicia Rivera.  Is Massie home?  She texted me that she wanted to talk, and it seems to be really important.  But I’m on vacation, so I couldn’t just stop by your house to talk.  Is she there? Could I speak to her please?”

“I’m sorry, sweetie, but Massie left for London a couple days ago.  She’s interning at Vogue London.  Do you know what she wanted to talk about?”

“Not at all.  We haven’t talked at all since we all drifted apart during the school year…” my voice dropped in volume, knowing fully well that it was our responsibility as friends to stick together.

“If you’d like, I could email you the address and phone number of the apartment she’ll be staying at.  Maybe if you’d talk to her, you’d find the answers you’re looking for and maybe even help her find her way back to her old self.  She lost her way, Alicia, and I think she needs you to be the one to help her.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Block,” I spoke softly into the phone before hanging up.

I stared down at my lap and forced myself to think over the options that I had to choose from.  But in the end, only one made the most sense after hearing what Kendra had to say.

When Blair arrived back to the table, I had my mind made up.

“I have to go to London,” I spit out.  I thought I was day-dreaming when I heard her say the exact same words.  After each of us explaining our situations – apparently hers had something to do with Serena and Dan – we asked for our food bill and left the restaurant to get ready to fly across the pond.

London, and Massie, I’m coming for you.

The Gossip Gazette:

Check out XOXQueenB‘s post, too!

♥  As some of you may already know, I have moved to a different Pretty Committee!  I love my old PC but I am also excited to see where this new one takes me.  To see who my new fellow PC members are, check out my PC page.  This post introduces the new plot with them.

I also have a new page up that I’d love for all of you to look at! It’s called Pasaporte y Viajes, which translates to ‘passport and travels’.  Please go check it out if you haven’t already!

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I Heart This! · Two thousand and fifteen

‘I Heart This’ para Junio

Friday, July 03
Cancún, Mexico

Hola, chicas!  So just as a little note, I’ve decided that I’m going to do more of an active “monthly favourites” list.  I’ve always posted my favorites for a month on my ‘I Heart This’ page at the beginning of every month.  But, now that I think about it, that seems really silly because if the month hasn’t happened yet then how am I supposed to know what I’ll be luh-ving?  See my point?
So from now on I’m going to make a ‘I Heart This!’ post at the end of each month (kinda like how youtube beauty gurus do) to share with all of you the things I loved that month, and then the week after I’ll post them up on the actual ‘I Heart This’ page for those who missed the post.
So down below is my list of favourite items, shows, activities, etc from the month of June!
xoxo, Leesh


♥ Things I’ve Been Luh-ving For June:

The Maze Runner Book Trilogy

Cancún Vacation Getaway

Starbucks’ New Red Velvet Cake Frappuccino


Pretty Little Liars (eh-ma-gawd)

Spending Time w/ Blair Waldorf

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 Trailer


Maxi Dresses

Lip Stain (glosses are so out)

‘Triangl’ Bikinis

Pearl Earrings

Big Brother 17

Blair Waldorf/Alicia Rivera crossover · Two thousand and fifteen

Meet Me at the Ocean

Hola, chicas! I’ve decided to type up a post for all of you as Blair and I are relaxing before going out for a nice dinner.  I can see out of my peripheral vision that she is whipping herself up a little snack though in the kitchen – looks like someone has the munchies.  Vacation has been ah-mazing so far and I just have to share with all of you a little bit of what’s happened so far.

private beach house

It was the first morning in Cancun and I couldn’t even get myself to sleep in; I was way too excited to do that.  So instead, as soon as I woke up, I threw on a sundress and took a walk along the beach.  I was a little surprised though when I was stopped by another girl my age who asked if I was new around here.  We chatted for a bit though about ourselves and things to do around the beach, etc before my mother interrupted by calling me.  I waved goodbye as I answered and began to walk back to the beach house.  The ocean breeze blew my hair into my face as I listened to my mother ask multiple questions about how the flight had been the day before.  I quickly brushed it back behind my ear before responding with more details: the flight had been smooth, the staff had been nice and friendly, and Blair and I had kept ourselves entertained the entire time…nothing unexpected.

What was unexpected, however, was the fact that Blair was still unheard from this morning.  But I knew as well as anyone that a girl needs her beauty sleep, so naturally I left her alone.  I took one more deep breath of salty, ocean air before climbing back up the stairs of our beach house’s back porch and into the house’s kitchen.  After I sat back down at the kitchen table, I picked up my coffee mug from where I’d left it, and took a few sips whilst I scrolled through my twitter feed.  Soon after, Blair walked in – still in her cute little pajamas.

“Buenos días, chica,” I greeted her, smiling. “Coffee?”

“I’m covered,” Blair smiled as she showed me that she already had a cup in hand.  How I didn’t notice that, I don’t know.  “So what lies in store for our first day in Cancun?”

As I explained to her details of the yacht party that the girl I met had invited us to later that night, Blair began to cheer up and looked pretty intrigued.  We both agreed that we’d attend, finished our coffee while chatting a bit more, and headed to our separate rooms to go get ready for lunch.

XOXOAHY Pink Bow Post Dividerbeachy nina“Cute dress,” Blair complimented.

“Awh thanks chica.  I like yours too!” I said, returning the favour.

“Well this is a cute little place,” Blair noted as we sat down at a table in a local restaurant for lunch.

“I know, I definitely will have to thank that girl later when I see her at the party.”

“Speaking of which, do you think we’ll have time to go shopping for a few new accessories beforehand?  I bought a new dress in case of an occasion like this one, but I forgot to pack the necklace and bracelet that I had to go with it…” she pouted at the thought.

“Yes, of course! We can hit the shops as soon as we’re done eating, but for right now all I can think about is getting some food into my stomach.  I forgot to eat something when I was drinking my coffee this morning, which isn’t good for me because I feel a little sick to my stomach now,” I replied, shaking my head at the stupid mistake.

Blair laughed at my comment and took a sip of her complimentary sparkling water.

“You would laugh in my misery,” I pointed out with a twinge of sarcasm added to it.

“Well of course!  That’s what best friends do,” Blair stuck her tongue out at me.

“A best friend would also pass me a menu, por favor.”

She laughed again and did just that.

“Gracias. what to order?”

The Gossip Gazette:

Anytime I publish a post involving Blair Waldorf, don’t forget to go check out what she writes about me on her blog, XOXQueenB.  She’s going to be posting about the beginning of the yacht party!!

  TheSecretLifeOfDylanMarvil is hosting a brand new type of Summer Contest!! It’s called Big Brother: The Clique and for anyone who would like to join, sign ups are still open on the contest blog.

♥  AHH This is my 100th post!! That’s crazy for me!

xoxo, Leesh

Blair Waldorf/Alicia Rivera crossover · Two thousand and fifteen

Take Me Away

Hola, chicas! My sea-foam green nails tap away at the keys on my Macbook Pro’s keyboard as I make my way through this new post.  I’m awaiting my parents return to our estate, as they want to have a family lunch to discuss possible family plans for the summer.  Not looking forward to that considering it probably involves Nina (who is still an EW), but it means food from my favourite Chinese restaurant as bribery to listen to them – which I’m okay with.  But food can wait, I need to inform you all on what’s going on in my life.

“Hey what’s up?” I asked after my mother opened the door to her’s and my father’s newly-renovated office.

She’d called me down over the PA system and told me she had a gift for me.  Now usually I would’ve just ignored it and made up an excuse about how I was “too busy” to talk, but she said she had a gift for me.  How could I pass something like that up? Exactly, I couldn’t.

“Come sit,” she instructed while she padded back across the room to her desk chair.

I did as I was told and sat down in one of the two regal-looking chairs set up across her desk that was typically meant for her clients to sit in during their meetings.

“If I may ask again, what’s up?” I said, trying to mind my manners.

“Well as you know, your father and I had planned on taking a vacation to Cancun for some relaxation..”

“Yes, I know.  You mentioned it a few times during the past week,” I replied.

“Well your father was chosen last minute to receive an honor and award at a luncheon during the week we’d be there.  So we’ve discussed it and we agree that you’ve been responsible enough with your studies and dance that you deserve a break.” She picked up an envelope from her desk and as she handed it to me, she said, “everything you need for the trip is inside.  All you need is to pack, find your passport, and find a friend to go with you.  The plane takes off tomorrow.”

“Ah, gracias mamá!!  This is absolutely ah-mazing!!  Ehmagawd, I need to go pack,” I screeched.

Outfit ideas were already running through my head, but I stopped right before I reached my bedroom door and I almost went into a panic when I realized something: the PC all already had plans for the week. Who could I invite to go with me?  I don’t want to spend the week by myself…

Then it hit me.  I climbed onto my bed and grabbed my iPhone from where it had been laying.  The line began to ring after I pressed call on the contact number of someone I hadn’t seen in a while.

“Hello?” the still-familiar voice of Blair Waldorf finally asked once she answered the phone.

“Blair! Hi! Remember me?” I cheerfully asked.

“How could I not remember the girl who helped me rid myself of Georgina Sparks? What’s new?” she replied.  I could be wrong, but it sounded in her voice like she was a bit confused as to why I was calling.

“Well,” I answered, “my friends have all seemed to make summer plans for themselves, so I thought I’d see if you’d want to join me in Cancun?  My dad got two first class tickets and I know no one would appreciate a vacation more than you.”

There was a long pause, so naturally I took the phone off of my ear to check and see if I’d lost the call.  When I saw that I hadn’t, I started to regret what I’d just said.

“Blair? If you don’t want to go that’s okay…”

There was another short pause before she eventually answered.

“I’d love to go Alicia. It sounds like a blast.”

“Amazing! We leave tomorrow. Should I meet you at your penthouse?” I figured it’d be easiest, seeing as the airport was closer to her place than it was to mine.

“Sounds perfect.”

“It does. See you tomorrow, chica!” I joyously agreed.

Now all I needed to do was pack…which is much easier said than done.

The Gossip Gazette:

Finally another post involving the friendship of Blair Waldorf and Alicia Rivera! This is the first in a series of collaboration posts with XOXQueenB, so get excited and go read her first post in the series too!

♥  Don’t forget to check out my newest post on my Taylor Highland blog, too. I’ve been working extra hard on that blog for the new plot line that’s going to happen on it, and I’d really appreciate if you all would read it.

  New post next week! Have a great weekend, chicas!

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