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Whispers in My Mind

Go back to it.

You can’t let it go.

Don’t give up something you love to do.

You know you miss it.

You can make time for it. Summer’s almost here, make it a hobby again.

Don’t deny that you miss it.

The preceding lines are just a few of the thoughts which ran through my mind the past week.  I haven’t a clue what to do with this blog.  I don’t really have too many ideas left for this character.  However, I know I am not yet ready to give her up, to give my very first blog up.  I’ll find something to write about.

I might even change back to another theme where I can have headers and patterned backgrounds.

Expect something soon!

– A.R

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The Changing of Leaves and Life

This is Alicia Rivera, reporting to you live from Octavian Country Day High… Nina school

Stepping one Jimmy Choo in front of the other, I made my way through the front doors of Octavian Country Day High School, a grande pumpkin spice latte in one hand and a venti iced coffee in the other; the latter was for the alpha on account of the text I’d received from her just before I left my house about how she barely got any sleep at all the night before.  She didn’t really explain why, but I didn’t want to push her.  She needed the coffee and caffeine first.

Just as the warning bell chimed, Massie met me at our lockers – which is exactly where and when we said we’d meet.  Right on time.

“Surprise!  Thought you’d want this…” I cheered as I held the venti-sized plastic cup out for her to take.

“Ehmagawd, Leesh you’re ah-mazing. Thank you!” she said, grabbing the cup and almost immediately took a long gulp of it right after.  “I needed that.”

“So what’s going on? Well…” I paused, “if you don’t mind me asking.  You said you had trouble sleeping last night?  That only happens when something major stresses you out or when we have our Friday Night Sleepovers.  I know there wasn’t a sleepover last night, so what’s got you stressed out?  You can talk to me, I promise.”

Ring Ring.

The second warning bell signaled that we had exactly two minutes to get to our first classes.

Massie looked down the hall and hesitated, but she finally spoke after the hustle and bustle of the halls became louder and louder.

“Manicures after school?  I’ll explain everything then!”  she yelled as she turned to get to her class. I sighed but was just glad that she was going to tell me – even if it were later in the day.

Guess I wouldn’t be focusing on school work during classes – I couldn’t wait to find out what was going on.

Hola Mis Amores,

~ I hope all of you j’adore my new blog set-up!  All of the changes are explained below:

New theme, new makeover: This Spun theme is just 10x easier to maintain while I’m busy with college.  No header required.  No background required either.  Plus, in my opinion, this theme makes the entire blog look a little bit more simple and elegant.

New post beginning.  Instead of continuing the “Currently I’m…” little paragraph at the beginning, which another blogger or two had also caught onto doing, I’ll be starting my posts off with the reporter-esque intro.  It brings Alicia’s hobby and personality into the posts a bit more.

New notes section and sign off after the post.  I got bored with the previous ones.

New page order and pages are also re-edited.  Again, I got bored with the previous ones.

• In case any of you aren’t familiar with the Spun theme, to view the widgets, just click on the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

I Heart You,


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Hola, chicas! As I sit here typing, my hair keeps falling piece by piece in front of my face.  I take a few seconds to pull it up into a messy bun before resuming this post.  Everything seems to be distracting me today: during my classes at school, while at Starbucks with Josh, during dance practice, and even at this very moment.  My phone, which is placed on my desk right next to my laptop, just dinged – when the screen lit up, I saw it was an iMessage from Ben.  I don’t even have to open the text to know what it says; he wants me to talk to Kuh-laire for him since she won’t herself because of their recent fight.  I can’t blame her though, which is why I intentionally slide the message open to show a ‘read receipt’ but then not answer.  I’m not usually one to stay out of things, but this time, I know for a fact that I shouldn’t involve myself.  Anyways, on to the post!

“Alicia!” I heard being called from behind me as I made my way to the announcements/recording booth down the hall from my class.

The feminine voice sounded extremely familiar, so I turned around to see who it belonged to.  As soon as I turned, I saw Dylan – who I was perfectly happy to see.

“Hey Dyl, what’s up?” I asked.

“I actually came to get you.  Principal Burns to me to pass the message onto you that there are no announcements that need to be broadcasted to the school today, which means you’re able to spend all of lunch with us!” she relayed.

“Wonderful!” I responded, more enthusiastic than I probably should’ve sounded.

Don’t get me wrong, I love doing the ‘news reporting’ for the school.  Sometimes though, I do need a break.  Especially on a long day like today – all I wanted was to chill out and relax at lunch with my girls.  And with that, we walked side-by-side to the lunch room where Table 18 was waiting for us – along with our three other best friends.

As soon as we sat down with our food, something happened that completely shocked me: Claire spoke before Massie did.  This was basically unheard of … Massie ah-lways started the conversation.  I was impressed that Claire got there first.

“Can we puh-lease times ten hang out this weekend?” she began.  “I know we can’t do Friday Night Sleepover because your parents are having business associates over for dinner, Mass, but could we hang out Saturday and Sunday??  I feel like it’s been forever since we’ve done anything as a whole group in the past few weeks.”

“She’s not exactly wrong,” Kristen chimed in, agreeing with Claire.  “We all have been doing separate activities lately.  I agree, we need some Pretty Committee time together.”

“Something refreshing and different than usual though, puh-lease!  My daily schedule has basically been on repeat the past two weeks.  I’m beyond sick and tired of it…” I complained.

“I guess that’s a ‘yes’ from around the table,” our alpha summarized whilst fixing the gold headband in her hair.

“Hmm…how about we take a trip to NYC Saturday afternoon?  We haven’t done that for a while,” she added as a suggestion. “Votes?”

She received an agreeing ‘yes’ from each one of us.  And that was that.

The Gossip Gazette:

  I have a really important announcement for all of you! So unfortunately I’ll be busy preparing for my exams all next week and then I’ll be taking my exams the whole week after.  This means that I will not be publishing any new posts for at least the next two weeks.  My exams are extremely x10 important, which means I’ll be putting 100% of my focus and attention on those.  I hope all of you understand! So just consider me on a small hiatus for academic reasons!

  Speaking of being ‘Refreshed’, anyone notice the new look to my blog?  Thought it needed a bit of a change.

xoxo, Leesh

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The Premiere

Hola, chicas! I’m currently lounging in a purple, faux-fur bean bag in the cabana; the PC and I were too tired to go back to our own houses for the night, so we just came back here to hang out and sleep.  A re-run of Pretty Little Liars is playing on the flat screen in front of us and Claire’s explaining to us her theories about who ‘A’ could be, since she wants to figure it out herself before next week’s season finale.  I quickly laugh to myself as I want to figure out the same exact thing.  It’s really late and our eyes are beginning to fold shut, but I want to document our day on my blah-g before the night is over.  The news will spread through OCD Prep like wildfire, so I need to make sure it comes from me first.

I threw my hair up into a quick mid-pony and rushed out of my en-suite bathroom to change into a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a plain black v-neck tee.  My appearance this morning didn’t mean too much to me, as I was going to Massie’s house for the day instead of school.  After changing, I grabbed my purse from the wall hook it was hanging on, picked my phone up and walked out of my room.  As I went to grab the keys to my BMW, I saw a short little note from my mother sitting next to them that read:

I called the school, Alicia.  You’re excused.  Have fun today! x, Mom

Great!  I hadn’t even left my house yet and the day was already going well.  I skipped outside, hopped in my car, sent a quick text to the girls letting them know I’d be there soon, and pulled out of the estate drive with my favourite songs playing through the speakers.


Kristen, Dylan, and I slid open the barn door to the Block’s spa and were instantly ushered in by an obviously anxious alpha.

“Ehmagawd, it’s about time you arrived! We have so much to do to get ready for this evening, ladies!” Massie announced, making our stomachs churn with excitement and nervousness for the upcoming night.  “Okay, so Jakkob is on his way now.  He’ll start with Claire, then Dylan, then Kristen, then Alicia, then me.  The manicurist and pedicurist are already working on Claire’s nails, well the little bits of nails she has left, but feel free to go over there for your own turn whenever they’re done. Inez has prepared a light lunch for us, which is waiting on the table over there, and she has brought your cocktail dresses, shoes, and accessories over from the main house as well.  They’re hung on that rack in the corner,” she listed whilst pointing each thing out and reading our minds as to what we needed to do.

Step-by-step, the PC and I prepared for our exclusive friday night GLU (girls like us and also, for tonight only, guys like us) event.  Tonight was the opening night in theaters for the Insurgent movie and we had planned out and made a whole special night out of it.  What’s the point in doing something anyone at school can do if you don’t make it even more special for those higher in the monarchy?  So that’s what we did.  The girls and I handed out VIP invites during lunch last Friday to those high enough on the elite scale and worthy enough to go out with us for a whole night.  Obvi x10 we gave invites to our boyfriends ahead of time.  At lunch we handed them out to four more girls and two more guys: Olivia Ryan, Shelby Wexler, Alexandra Evans, Katerina Marks, and then two of the boys’ friends.

With everything we had planned, anyone who wasn’t invited was going to be red-hot jealous x100.

post-separatorAfter we were done with our beautification, we hopped in the sleek, black, hummer limo which had arrived right on time and drove off to pick up the other VIP’s.  Mock-tails were poured and shared, music played, and everyone enjoyed the ride.  Soon after, the driver pulled up to one of Westchester’s best sushi restaurants – where we’d made reservations at earlier in the week.  We slid out from the limo and gracefully made an entrance.  The food was absolutely scrumptious: fried calamari, california rolls aplenty, shanghai rolls, steamed dumplings, gourmet hamachi, and a couple other items.  Like I said, delicious!

The food came and went, the checks were paid for, tips given, and eventually we piled into the limo once again.  Only this time, it was actually show time.  It was 9:15 pm and the movie began at 10pm; we wanted to make sure we would arrive early enough to get our snacks or candy, as well as good seats.  I sat between Josh and Alexandra, who I had found during dinner that I have a lot in common with.  Other people started crowding around us, but that only made us even more thrilled.  All of us were obsessed with Divergent when it showed and we were all absolutely positively sure that we’d feel the same way about this sequel.  Minutes later, the lights dimmed, the introduction clicked on, and the theater atmosphere filled with screams of excitement.

This was it!  Insurgent!! The movie I’d been waiting so long to see was beginning!

The Gossip Gazette:

I just couldn’t resist writing about this! I was way too excited about going to see the Insurgent movie with my own friends last night so I thought it was a perfect idea to have Alicia and the PC do the same! Only they had a much more special night planned for it.

xoxo, Leesh

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Spring Fever

Hola, chicas! I’m currently sitting at my desk and attempting to type without messing up my freshly painted nails.  I just bought Essie’s new Spring Collection and decided to use ‘Blossom Candy’, which is a lighter, beautiful shade of blue.  I just called over our estate’s PA system for Cassandra to make and bring me a strawberry banana smoothie, as I feel a need a refreshment.  I hear the chimes of my text tone ring and pick up my phone to see who it is.  I smile as I see it’s from Kris about our clique’s Friday Night Sleepover.  I make a quick mental note to take these clothing boxes with me to give to her…you’ll see what I’m talking about when you read the post below!

I smiled and felt rather accomplished as a crossed another thing off of my “Spring Cleaning” checklist.  Now I know what you must be thinking: spring doesn’t even start until next Friday.  Yes, don’t worry, I know that.  However the sun and nicer weather today gave me a little bit of what my father likes to call Spring Fever, which is when you’re so excited for spring to come that you’ll do absolutely anything and everything in order to prepare for the season.  Organizing and cleaning out my room and closet was my way of doing that.  Of course I can’t take all the credit myself.  Cassandra, who just walked into my closet, was helping with the clothing portion of cleaning.  Cleaning out my clothes was always the most difficult and longest process on my list – aka the reason why I needed her help.

While I began organizing my desk drawers and the items on the top of my desk, Cassie walked out of my closet and held up two dresses and two shirts for me to make decisions about.

“Miss Alicia?” she asked in order to get my attention and further instructions on what to do with the outfit pieces.

“Hmm…Keep, give to Kristen, give away, keep,” I answered, going from left to right.

She nodded and put the two “gives” into their respective boxes before returning the “keeps” to the closet.  This year those were the three categories in which I had to place my clothing items: keep, give away, or give to Kristen.  Massie and I both thought it’d be a cute idea, so that’s what we decided to do. I resumed organizing my desk for a few minutes before she entered my room yet again with more clothing items.

“Give away, give to Kristen, keep…I don’t know about the last one.  What do you think, Cassandra? Keep or give to Kristen?” I asked, staring at the floral skater skirt.

“In my opinion?  I think you should keep it.  It’s the only printed skate skirt you have other than the tribal print one,” she pointed out.

Good point, I thought.

“True.  I’ll keep it then.”

I watched as she returned to my closet to hang it and the white, lace maxi skirt back up.  A few seconds later, I heard my closet door shut and saw her once more with only the pieces that she hadn’t yet placed in the boxes.

“Are we all done?” I asked her.

“Yes, we sure are!” she replied, closing the boxes shut.

“Great! Thank you, Cassandra! Can you take the give away box downstairs and place it by the front door for my parents to take care of?  I’ll give Kristen’s box to her when I get the chance.”

She nodded and I thanked her as she left my bedroom.  I went back to my desk to place the finishing touch on it: a brand-new frame with a picture of the Pretty Committee and I placed inside of it.  It tied the whole thing together, in my opinion.  I smiled and crossed the last two things off of my checklist.  Now I could finally feel relaxed and at ease.

The Gossip Gazette:

If my PC is out there and reading this: I miss you guys! Please come back soon!

I hope everyone’s having a great March so far!

xoxo, Leesh

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Un Día en La Vida de Alicia Rivera

…A Day in the Life of Alicia Rivera.

Hola, chicas!  I just realized that I never actually shared how I get ready for each day, especially for the days I have to attend school.  So why not do that right now?  Let’s get to it!

XOXOAHY Pink Bow Post Divider
6:30 am: Wake up to the alarm on my iHome, turn it off, and turn on my “Waking Up” playlist

6:35 am: Take a shower and let my hair air-dry.

7:00 am: Put on the outfits and accessories that I’d laid out for me the night before.

7:15 am: Head down to the kitchen for breakfast and check Twitter, Instagram, etc.  Usually I have a homemade fruit parfait and a strawberry-banana smoothie, but other times my parents decide to make a full out breakfast.

7:45 am: Style my hair and put on my makeup.

8:30 am: Pack up my school bag with everything I need and let Tootsie outside real quick.

8:45 am: Grab my car keys from the kitchen counter and drive to school (sometimes I pick up the PC on my way).

9:00 am: Classes begin at Octavian Country Day Prep.

3:10 pm: The final bell of the school day rings, signaling the end of the academic day.  Go to the Mall, Spa, Starbucks, or Massie’s house with the PC and/or Josh.

5:00 pm: Arrive home, change into dance clothes, work on any homework.

6:30 – 8:30 pm: Dance class (this only applies on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays).  On days when I don’t have dance, I’ll typically watch movies or catch up on my tv shows after I finish my school work, take Tootsie for a walk, and then have a family dinner at 7:00 pm.

9:00 pm: Change into a comfy pair of pajamas, wash & moisturize my face, light a soothing-scented candle, and curl up in bed with my laptop so that I can AIM the PC, check my email, update my blah-g, and manage Gossip Points.

10:00 pm: Plan and set out outfit for the next day.

10:15/10:30 pm: Get some beauty sleep; sweet dreams!

The Gossip Gazette:

The Publicaciónes page is now updated for the month of March!

It seems as if the RP community is basically gone, however I think I’m going to continue posting until at least the end of spring.  If people decide to come back and blog again for summer, then I think I might even stay until the end of August…it just all depends.  We’ll see!

xoxo, Leesh

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Hola, chicas!  Currently, my silver and glitter painted nails are scrolling through my instagram feed, as I’m looking at all of the photos that were posted earlier in the day by my fellow OCD Prep students.  I smile as I scroll past ones that were posted by the other girls in the Pretty Committee from our after school shopping trip.  As I continue scrolling, I eventually reach the one Josh posted of us kissing on this past Valentine’s Day, which he’s captioned “#FlashbackFriday to Vday with Leesh. Love this girl if you can’t tell”.

And the memories came flooding back . . .

“Awe you got me flowers!” I exclaimed as I opened the door for my handsome boyfriend.

“It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day if I didn’t,” Josh smiled back as walked through the door.

We strolled through the foyer and made our way to the kitchen, where I filled up a vase with water to put my lovely gift in.  We had agreed to not get actual, fancy gifts this year but to instead just spend the entire afternoon together.  I did decide to spice it up and make it a bit more romantic than usual though – with Cassandra’s help, of course.  He had no idea.

As I set the vase down in the middle of the kitchen counter, I felt his arms wrap around me and a kiss on my cheek.  The biggest smile swept across my face, making me so thrilled that we had the rest of the day to spend together.

“Snacks first then movies?” I asked.

“Snacks? I thought you said that Cassandra was out getting stuff for early dinner?” he replied, confused.

I nodded my head, “she is. But I thought it’d be nice to have something more…sweet in the meantime. Not as sweet as you, of course, but it’s still good.” I couldn’t help but throw a little wink in there at him after my oh so cheesy joke.

I brought out a plate of dessert kabobs which I thought look absolutely scrumptious, and had made earlier in the morning.  They had mini brownies, marshmallows, and strawberries on them with chocolate syrup drizzled over them as well.  Delicious x10!  I took one of the strawberries off of one and of course he went for the brownie; he loves them.  The desserts disappeared off the plate and were eaten one by one as time went on.  Girls aren’t supposed to kiss and tell, but let’s just say that we even recreated the “Lady and the Tramp” dinner scene with a marshmallow instead of a piece of spaghetti.

vday snacks

“Shall we?” he asked, opening the door to my bedroom.  We always watched movies in there.  There’s just something about being there with him, like it was “our space” in my house.  Sounds kind of crazy, but ultimately true.

We agreed to watch the movie “She’s the Man” since it’s entertaining for both girls and guys and is extremely funny.  Perfect for us.  Josh popped the DVD out of its case and put it in the DVD player, re-joining me on my bed afterwards.  The lights turned off, the movie turned on, and it seemed like we were now shut out from any problems going on in the world.

And even after all this time with Josh, my heart still beat like crazy when he put his hand in mine.  This day was ah-mazing – as close to perfect as it could get.

The Gossip Gazette:

I know this is late but I hope everyone enjoyed their own Valentine’s Day – whether you were single, in a flirtation-ship, or relationship!

♥  I’m changing my post options so that they only allow likes and not comments. There aren’t enough people still here in our RP community to receive many comments, so this seems like the best option.

xoxo, Leesh