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Hey guys,

I’m so sorry to say but I’m needing to take a hiatus, yet again.  It’s only the first week of second semester classes and I’m trying to figure out my new schedule and figure out how things are going to work for me. Cheerleading has gone off the rails, as the captains have no idea what they’re doing (if you ask me, they shouldn’t be captains at all anymore after all the mess-ups they’ve had this year). For example, we usually have practice on Fridays and Sundays and we’re supposed to cheer at the basketball games on Saturdays…well I haven’t heard a single thing about us having a Friday practice yet (and considering that today is Thursday, this is bad), we no longer get the gym on Sundays (which I don’t think the captains even know yet) because intramural basketball is going to be in the gym, and I’m not even sure if we’re going to cheer at any of the last 5 or 6 basketball games left in the season because of the fact that the captains can’t figure anything out.  If you can’t already tell, I’m irritated and angry about it.

Plus, I have a new class schedule — but that’s also getting screwed up at the moment because I’m having to drop one of my classes and having to try to figure out another class to add to my schedule.  I honestly am freaking out at the moment about it and it’s stressing me out.

Oh and don’t get me started about all the research projects, presentations, proposals, and papers I already know about for both of my Psychology classes and for my Criminal Justice class.  Hello all-nighters.

So yes, I’m needing to take a hiatus.  No, I can’t find much time in my schedule to write since I didn’t already have drafts written out before moving back to school. School is my first priority and I hope you guys understand that.

Love you. Please be patient with me.


I Heart This! · Two thousand and fifteen

‘I Heart This’ para Noviembre

Saturday, November 28
The Block Estate
The Cabana

♥ Things I Luh-ved in November:

Movie Nights with the PC

My New Pointe Shoes

Thanksgiving with the PC and Their Families

Black Friday Shopping

Starbucks Peppermint Mocha

xoxo, Leesh

P.S: Hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate it! Here’s a cute little picture of me attempting to help before my mother yelled at me to go get ready for the PC and their families to arrive.

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The Changing of Leaves and Life

This is Alicia Rivera, reporting to you live from Octavian Country Day High… Nina school

Stepping one Jimmy Choo in front of the other, I made my way through the front doors of Octavian Country Day High School, a grande pumpkin spice latte in one hand and a venti iced coffee in the other; the latter was for the alpha on account of the text I’d received from her just before I left my house about how she barely got any sleep at all the night before.  She didn’t really explain why, but I didn’t want to push her.  She needed the coffee and caffeine first.

Just as the warning bell chimed, Massie met me at our lockers – which is exactly where and when we said we’d meet.  Right on time.

“Surprise!  Thought you’d want this…” I cheered as I held the venti-sized plastic cup out for her to take.

“Ehmagawd, Leesh you’re ah-mazing. Thank you!” she said, grabbing the cup and almost immediately took a long gulp of it right after.  “I needed that.”

“So what’s going on? Well…” I paused, “if you don’t mind me asking.  You said you had trouble sleeping last night?  That only happens when something major stresses you out or when we have our Friday Night Sleepovers.  I know there wasn’t a sleepover last night, so what’s got you stressed out?  You can talk to me, I promise.”

Ring Ring.

The second warning bell signaled that we had exactly two minutes to get to our first classes.

Massie looked down the hall and hesitated, but she finally spoke after the hustle and bustle of the halls became louder and louder.

“Manicures after school?  I’ll explain everything then!”  she yelled as she turned to get to her class. I sighed but was just glad that she was going to tell me – even if it were later in the day.

Guess I wouldn’t be focusing on school work during classes – I couldn’t wait to find out what was going on.

Hola Mis Amores,

~ I hope all of you j’adore my new blog set-up!  All of the changes are explained below:

New theme, new makeover: This Spun theme is just 10x easier to maintain while I’m busy with college.  No header required.  No background required either.  Plus, in my opinion, this theme makes the entire blog look a little bit more simple and elegant.

New post beginning.  Instead of continuing the “Currently I’m…” little paragraph at the beginning, which another blogger or two had also caught onto doing, I’ll be starting my posts off with the reporter-esque intro.  It brings Alicia’s hobby and personality into the posts a bit more.

New notes section and sign off after the post.  I got bored with the previous ones.

New page order and pages are also re-edited.  Again, I got bored with the previous ones.

• In case any of you aren’t familiar with the Spun theme, to view the widgets, just click on the plus sign at the bottom of the screen.

I Heart You,


I Heart This! · Two thousand and fifteen

‘I Heart This’ para Septiembre

Saturday, October 03
Westchester, NY
Alicia’s Bedroom

Hola, chicas!  So I’m back!!!  Super exciting, I know right?
Don’t worry, I’ll have an actual story/plot-line post up soon.  But for now, it’s time to share with you the things I found myself luh-ving during the past month!
So down below is my list of favourite items, shows, activities, etc from the month of September!
xoxo, Leesh


Things I Luh-ved Most In September:

Just For Fun – a newly released album by Timeflies


Slightly Ripped/Distressed Skinny Jeans

The Scorch Trials movie

Pumpkin Spice Lattes (they’re back!)


Winged Eyeliner

Autumn Weather

Fuzzy Socks

xoxo, Leesh

Two thousand and fifteen

Por Un Corto Tiempo

. . . For a Short While.

So just like Alicia, I – the author of this blog – am starting school again soon.  I already moved into my college dorm room at the end of last week, my suitemates moved in a few days after me, and then classes officially started on Monday morning.  I’ve only been here for a week and I’m already finding myself to be majorly stressed out.

Since I’m starting at a brand new college and not at the one I was at last year, I need to focus solely on school-related things for the first month that I’m here.  I am having to find my way around a new campus, get used to my new class schedule and professors, and join any extracurricular activities that I find myself interested in.  Plus, I have to have time to get to know, hang out, and bond with my suitemates along with making new friends.

For me, those aforementioned things are already proving to be huge challenges.  I’ve been emotional the past few days due to homesickness and missing my family, I’ve had essays to write already and tons of textbook reading to do.  If this week has already been extremely difficult for me, I honestly don’t know how the next couple of weeks are going to be.

Therefore, I will be taking a hiatus/break from this blog for a short while (hence the title).  But don’t fret, I’ll be back before you know it.  I plan to be posting again on this blog in October.  I just don’t want to be worrying about blogging and school during the first month of classes.  By October, I should be acclimated enough in my new college routine that I’ll be able to add my blogs back into it, too.

I hope you chicas understand! See you in October.

xoxo, Leesh

Two thousand and fifteen

Sometimes Answers Are More Confusing Than The Questions

Hola, chicas! Currently my fingers are flying over my Macbook’s keyboard, trying to write down and record everything that went through my mind last night as I attempted to fall asleep.  My train of thought hadn’t stopped for a good number of hours before my eyelids finally drooped to a close, and I want to write it all down now so that I can figure out answers to any leftover questions I have.

As I sat in the kitchen, I sipped away at my drink: hot tea with frothed soy milk and a teaspoon of sugar.  It was a little past two in the morning and I couldn’t sleep if my life depending on it.  But it wasn’t the jet lag that was keeping me up.  It was the thoughts that were continuously crossing my mind each and every time I closed my eyes.  Even sitting here at the kitchen table, my mind wouldn’t stop racing.  It was all because of what Massie had said to me earlier after we had run into each other – literally – on the stairway.  But the thoughts that raced through my mind while I had been sleeping were much more jumbled:

So Claire’s here in London too, working for Vogue London on an internship as well…

Why come to me if Massie isn’t feeling like old herself? Why not just talk to Claire. Me and her were the most estranged out of everyone else in the ex-PC. Why me??

And why was it so important that she talk to me and tell me she missed me and needed my help? Couldn’t it have just waited until school started again?

Why isn’t anyone else involved in helping her other than me?  Being her ex-beta means nuh-thing when she never came to me about anything and only ever vented to Bean about stuff that bothered her.

Ugh! Why can’t I just got to sleep already?!

Okay so she explained why she reached out to me, but that doesn’t explain what I’m supposed to do to help.

I mean, I missed her too, but I still don’t know how we’re supposed to get past our problems.  It’s not like the PC left her. She dumped us when she decided she wanted to be different and change how everyone looked at her.

Seriously, brain. Shut Up and let me go to sleep!!

I wonder what Claire’s going to think say when she sees me here tomorrow, too.

Gawd, I think it’s been longer that I haven’t talked to Massie though than Claire.  At least Claire and I would exchange smiles and a couple “how are you’s” every couple weeks before classes ended last Spring.

Why the heck can’t I sleep??

Oh shoot, I still need to talk to Josh…whatever, I can worry about him later.

Too. Much. On. My. Plate. Right. Now.

What time is it?  Oh great, it’s already two in the morning?

Fine then, brain. Don’t let me sleep.  I’ll just get up and go get a drink instead.  I hate you.

The Gossip Gazette:

Sorry for such a short and pretty uneventful post! I’ve been extremely busy trying to pack to go back to school since I leave to go back next week! But I wanted to get something up.

Just a reminder: I heart you all!

xoxo, Leesh

I Heart This! · Two thousand and fifteen

‘I Heart This’ para Julio

Friday, July 31
London, England
Massie’s Apartment

London Trinkets♥ Things I Luh-ved Most In July:

Beach Hopping


Rumors EP – Jake Miller (seriously though, listen to it!)

French Manicures

Reconnecting w/ Old Friends

Morning ‘Tea Time’


Bobbi Brown’s Smokey Eye Mascara

The Limited Edition “Wild” Lokai Bracelet

Worse Things Than Love – Timeflies ft. Natalie La Rose

Teen Wolf

xoxo, Leesh