Two thousand and fifteen


Hey guys,

I’m so sorry to say but I’m needing to take a hiatus, yet again.  It’s only the first week of second semester classes and I’m trying to figure out my new schedule and figure out how things are going to work for me. Cheerleading has gone off the rails, as the captains have no idea what they’re doing (if you ask me, they shouldn’t be captains at all anymore after all the mess-ups they’ve had this year). For example, we usually have practice on Fridays and Sundays and we’re supposed to cheer at the basketball games on Saturdays…well I haven’t heard a single thing about us having a Friday practice yet (and considering that today is Thursday, this is bad), we no longer get the gym on Sundays (which I don’t think the captains even know yet) because intramural basketball is going to be in the gym, and I’m not even sure if we’re going to cheer at any of the last 5 or 6 basketball games left in the season because of the fact that the captains can’t figure anything out.  If you can’t already tell, I’m irritated and angry about it.

Plus, I have a new class schedule — but that’s also getting screwed up at the moment because I’m having to drop one of my classes and having to try to figure out another class to add to my schedule.  I honestly am freaking out at the moment about it and it’s stressing me out.

Oh and don’t get me started about all the research projects, presentations, proposals, and papers I already know about for both of my Psychology classes and for my Criminal Justice class.  Hello all-nighters.

So yes, I’m needing to take a hiatus.  No, I can’t find much time in my schedule to write since I didn’t already have drafts written out before moving back to school. School is my first priority and I hope you guys understand that.

Love you. Please be patient with me.



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